Friday, June 18, 2010

so florida!

I promise you that I had nothing to do with what you see in this photo. I swear.
*crossing heart with finger*
Have a wonderful weekend!
I apparently need to do some shopping this weekend. What are your plans?



Suzanne said...

DH used to try to leave the house looking like that but we wouldn't allow it. Now if we see someone wearing socks with sandals (and blac ewwwww) we say, "He needs a wife or a daughter." Way to go Florida! lol

PamelaM said...

And people are concerned about wearing white after labour day...ha ha!

It's definetely a man thing.

Lisa and DJ said...

Oh NO, he DIDN'T!!!

April said...

Stan used to do this all the time before we met. I put a kibosh to it by throwing out all his black socks so he had no choice but to wear white ones..hehe. Now that he's "trained" he is allowed to have black socks again. I'm so mean!

Jenn said...

April, I WISH I could throw his black socks but his job requires him to wear them. Like, he would get sent home if he wore white socks to work. So, I will just have to train him better I guess. Either that or keep a white pair on hand. White is less offensive then the black. The black make me think of old retiree's. LOL

Julie said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! Please tell me no.You must stop this at once.