Thursday, June 3, 2010

oh baby!

It's been raining a lot the past couple of days and judging by this weekend's forcast I'm thinking both the beach and Disney are out. Oh well. Instead I'll practice with my new lens. =)

I came home today from the long rainy drive to a little brown box of happiness. Inside was my new Lensbaby Muse special effects lens. It's my new just for fun favourite lens and I can't wait to try this at a fun place like Disney or the zoo and see what fun filters I can use with it too. I love that my camera has that built in feature. Even after the photos are taken with the Muse, I can go in afterwards and add the filter of my choosing. Seriously, so fun!!

I love it that JoeJoe was a good sport and every now and then I would catch a pic of him with his eyes open. I swear he's just like Earl Hickey from My Name is Earl. 9 times out of 10 I catch him with his eyes closed. At first it would drive me bonkers but now I take it as a personal challenge to capture his dreamy brown eyes.

*sigh* And then there's Moody. I have to say for a turtle he sure is handsome. I love how I can manipulate the lens' "sweet spot" to where I need it to be with a twitch of my finger or two. Moody and the rest of the gang moved all around and I could follow them right up to the glass. Love it!!!

I can't wait to take this 'baby' yuk yuk outside and play and see what else I can do and capture. Next on my wish list is the aperature kit where I can punch out my own shapes for the fun bokehs. That's also on my list of tricks to try.

For the first two photos I used the aperature disk 4.0 which created a larger "sweet spot" and with Moody I changed the disk to the 2.8 for the smaller sweet spot. I'm trying not to convince myself that I need the Composer lens.
We'll see how long that lasts....



Jen said...

Yay, for you!! So glad your "baby" arrived and that you <3 it!!

PamelaM said...

What a fun lens. The picture of the turtle kind of has an aquarium feel to it. Pretty cool.