Thursday, July 29, 2010

sand for brains

Joe and I just returned from our mini vacation to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and I'm still shaking sand out of everything. But boy oh boy it was worth it.
The Carlberg clan rented a beach house right on the beach and I never knew such luxury until I stayed there for a few nights. I have to say that I could get used to living the beach life only having to walk out the back door right onto a private pathway to a little piece if oceany goodness. The only bummer part of that is when the sun was at it's most powerful, you would burn your feet on the sand. Needless to say I ran that stretch every time. Activity points. ;o)
The house was quite the stay too. It had it's own elevator which is just the coolest! Even though I tried to take the stairs as much as possible to get some activity in, I couldn't help but take the elevator a time or two. I mean come on, it's not every house that it's own elevator. I even caught Joe and Maribel taking it a time or two...
Going down?

Maribel was so in her element. Many times she beat me to the beach by going down with a cousin and when I would get there she was digging herself some sea shells and buckets of sand. Girl likes to dig. And bury her feet.

Our first night the moon was shining so full and so bright. It was a magnificent sight to take in. I love walking the beach at night. It's so therapeutic and serene.
A jelly fish washed ashore and it attracted many viewers. I had never seen one that big. I also shewed away a boy that was getting ready to poke it with a stick. Poor thing. I about poked the boy with the stick but his mom beat me to it. My kind of mom.

Coming home was bitter sweet. I miss my little Boo as she got to stay behind with Gma and Gpa. Nice. At least our kitties were super happy we were home. Bijou and Milo didn't leave me alone the whole night but poor Pipa ate some string and a balloon of M's that we forgot to throw out so I now have the awesome task of watching the poop to make sure it makes its way out. Oh Home Sweet Home.
Why can't I live right on the beach? I swear I would never leave. ;0)



Kirsten said...

stunning photos - I SO cannot wait for my beach time in a couple of weeks

Cathy W said...

Hey! That looks almost as big as the mulit-million $$$ cottage that was next to mine! I so know the feeling of not wanting to leave the beach. I love it!!!

PamelaM said...

I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful mini vacation. Love your pics. I must admit I thought the photo of the jelly fish was a seal at first...hee hee!