Friday, July 23, 2010

a spooling image

I invite you to meet the wooden spool version of our family.
Ever since making my mother in-law this spool doll, M has been bugging me rather steadily to make her a mini version of her. Well I finally found the motivation and cracked out the brushes and paint and got to work. Luckily I already had the heads glued and the bodies painted so all that was left were the hair and faces. The toughest parts to be truly honest.
I have to say, mixing the paints to match my little red head was quite the challenge. I ended up using an almost florescent orange and mixing it with a brown and came up with the perfect "Maribel" hair colour. I was stunned at how close it really is.

But of course I couldn't stop there. NooOoo. I had it in my mind that Maribel's doll needed her Mommy and Daddy too. I gave us some "clothes" here using ribbon and twine that I had laying around. I love how purposeful these are and that I can reuse the dolls anytime. It's perfect for cute craft storage.
heehee we're nakey...

Maribel loves her little family and I have to say, my heart melts a little when I hear her playing our family scenes with these. Well, except when she sends my doll to time out. Need to work with her on that since Daddy seems to get off scot free. hmph.

I'm off to pack for our beach trip. EEP I can't wait!!! Late night road trip with the hubby (as little M will beat us there with Gma and Gpa) and tons of "I can't believe how fast she's growing" conversations. Note to self: I MUST remember my SPF50.
Have a marvelous Friday!!



Kirsten said...

You have a marvy day too there creative banana

Auntie Em said...

Be careful you don't get any paint on the banana suit! Your little people are so adorable.
Enjoy the beach!!! :o)

April said...

So cute!!!! Is there anything you can't do or make? I'm going to call you Super Crafty Banana from now on!

PamelaM said...

How cute are these. I love them.

Not only did you make the dolls but the scenery (staging) is pretty awesome. You pay such attention to little details. What can I say? It's awesome.

Julie said...

These are adorable and I can so see your face in yours.You are one talented chick!

Jenn said...

The Banana suit was not harmed in the making of these dolls LOL

@Pam, the package I received wearing above said suit was a little light studio that ordered and I HAD to try it out ;0)

Stephanie said...

Wow, such a cute idea, Jenn! First the banana suit and now this... I'm loving your blog already :)