Saturday, July 31, 2010

aww that's so kawaii

cute in Japanese
I can't help it. I've been putting little faces on everything these days. I think it comes from wanting to personify everything too. I'm always talking to my monitor at work and it has reached the point that my coworkers just keep walking. They are used to me by now. Or at least they fake it really well ;o)

(hand embroidered dish cloth with rain drops; Kawaii digital embellishments from Two Peas: I printed them on white cardstock and glued them to a magnet backing to pin up M's schoolwork on the fridge; hand painted a face on my paint brush cup from Joann's; Hello Kitty bobby pins: Target; embroidery floss I use to make kawaii faces; super cute "flair" buttons: Hot Topic; cute bread cutter and sauce containers for making lunch time fun from this Etsy shop; Mmm yummy Belly Washer Hello Kitty juice)

Since I have to pack my lunches now I was a little tired bringing them in plastic shopping bags so I found this cute frog lunch bag-or at least I think it's a frog- with icepack at Target last week and fell in love right away. It holds everything perfectly and the little icepack keeps it cool until I need to eat. Which seems so be more often now that I'm watching what I eat. Why is that??? Oh and I made the apple sack too so my pommes don't get bruised. There's nothing worse then a bruised apple from being packed carelessly in lunch boxes. Oh wait yes there is, bananas. *sigh*
I have been making quite the list of crocheted goodies for my new little niece. These books are so fun and easy to follow and super quick to whip up too. The apple and pear are from the first book they really took me no time at all as Amigurumi style is a single crochet all around. So simple and super rewarding. Keeping the brain sharp one stitch at a time ;o)
And if you haven't seen enough things that are super kawaii, here is my fresh little niecey poo, Magnolia Ka Wing Seaker-Wong. She is so tiny but super adorable. I can't wait til I get to pinch those cheeks!! Yes. I am the cheek pinching Aunty. I can't help it.



Kirsten said...

she is a cutie!!

April said...

Your niece is gorgeous and the pear and apple are so cute I could die!

Julie said...

I love all your little cute things! You find the cutest stuff and make the cutest things.

Your niece is beyond cute! I'd be pinching cheeks too.

Stephanie said...

Aww, your niece is so sweet! The Kawaii stuff is pretty awesome too... I have a huge collection of it as well as Sanrio stuff :)

PamelaM said...

Oh my gosh...could this stuff be any cuter.

That lunchbag makes me smile and I so love those fridge magnets. I will have to try some of those.

Your niece is beautiful.

Jared and Andrea said...

She is perfect! Pinch away my friend.