Thursday, January 21, 2010

custom photo sleeve

While putting my pages into albums I found I had some photos left over then I had printed but never scrapped. I didn't want to put them away in a box to "maybe" use at a later time, only to get lost. So I thought I would incorporate them into my scrap album too. Sure you could buy some already made but what's the fun in that? Plus I havn't found any that hold both a 5x7 photos and 3x4 on the same sheet, so... ha!

Here's what you'll need to get started...
Estimated Time for 1-12x12 sleeve 30mins

-sewing machine***
-12x12 page protectors
-white board pen
-damp paper towel (for wiping off the wb pen ink)
-craft knife
-12x12 thick cardstock or chipboard insert either in white or light in colour
-cutting mat
-embellishments of all sorts (optional)
***Note: If you do not have a sewing machine you can use a paper piercer and poke holes along the sew line and use embroidery floss and hand sew along your sew lines creating a unique look. Items needed for hand sewing are:
-paper piercer
-mouse pad or protective mat
-embroidery floss or yarn
-needle for sewing the embroidery floss or yarn
Step 1:
*Insert your white cardstock into the page protector (you can add another sheet or card board so you don’t cut through both sides of the page protector)
Step 2:
*using your white board pen and a ruler, measure and draw your sewing lines (You can use photos of that size as a template to ensure that they will fit after)
Note: If you are not using a sewing machine please skip to Step 6
Step 3:
*now take your craft knife and ruler to make your horizontal line cuts slightly below your sew line about 1/8”. Be careful not to rub off your newly drawn sew lines ;0)
Step 4:
*Remove the card stock from the sleeve
Step 5:
*Now it’s time to sew! I like to sew the horizontal lines first to prevent it from sliding around thus creating uneven lines and pockets. Then sew the vertical lines, wipe off the white board pen and you are finished!
Add your photos and memorabilia and enjoy your custom made page protector=) For this one I wanted to dress it up a little bit so I added the ribbon after it was all sewn but I was also careful not to sew over the opening to add pictures.

Note: Steps 6 thru 10 are if you don’t have a sewing machine or would like a different look
Step 6:
*using your paper piercer or sharp needle, poke holes along your sewing lines making sure you are going through both sides of the page protector. Remember to poke the holes over your mouse pad or cutting mat or your work surface would have been freshly irrigated
Step 7:
*same as Step 3
Step 8:
*remove the card stock from your sleeve
Step 9:
*thread your needle with embroidery floss or yarn of your desire and begin to sew through the poked holes.
Step 10:
*Wipe off the white board pen, add your photos and memorabilia and enjoy your custom made page protector=)
If you would like photos of how to do the hand sewing for this project, just leave a comment and I will be more then happy to comply =)

I really hope you enjoy making these and making them as unique and beautiful as you are ;0) I would love to see yours, please include a link to your sleeves so I can leave some love!


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Kirsten said...

WOW, you are so creative and talented and apparently have a lot of time on your hands!!!