Sunday, January 24, 2010

we swore we wouldn't

But she loves them.
That’s right, I’m talking Barbies. Between Santa treating her stocking and a super sweet internet friend sending some Canadian Barbies (by the way Hollee, those are her favourites) to the ones Joe found at a flea market on the weekend, girl has Barbies!
And Maribel loooves her Barbies or “dollies” as she calls them. It is so cute watching  her play with them, she changes their clothes notice the many nakey ones and has little voices for each of them.

The Dark Side of Barbies...

But with these "dollies" come mini accessories. That's right, mini accessories that can criple a person when stumbling in the dark way late at night because they were thirsty and remembered they has some juice in the fridge but found something else instead via their foot. Yes, experience is speaking here...  So Joe and I got smart and put away all the little shoes and sunglasses titling them as "choke" hazards but we know what they really they are... “the softest part of your feet when applying your entire body weight on them” hazards. Ay ya yi!

Joe is on the hunt to find a car for her little gang of plastics. I on the other hand would like him to find me a pink corvette that I can sport to and from work. *sigh* One can wish right?

yeah right...



Lisa and DJ said...

Ha Ha. I swore I wouldn't either...and I haven't...YET. :)

Kirsten said...

Note to self, send Aubrey Barbies for Christmas. KJ "needed" one for her third birthday and barely touches them. Ha ha

Julie said...

Barbie is a timeless classic I think.Now she needs a Ken:)