Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hands are for hugging

No one said that motherhood was easy. In fact, I have never met anyone who said or even thought that. Well, I got my first real taste of parent responsibility this week.

On Sunday evening Joe and I were resting after putting Maribel down for bed watching TV and checking email, catching up on friend status' and feeding my farm animals on Facebook. I saw a post from a fellow Sunday School teacher that her son was pushed in Nursery and had a broken clavicle. Maribel also attends the same nursery with this little guy and my heart ached for him and his parents. I replied with my sympathies and asked if it was Maribel that pushed her little guy to please let me know.

Monday afternoon rolls around and I received a text alert that a facebook message came in from the mother. It was Maribel who pushed this little boy. My heart sank. I was devistated that it was my little girl that broke this boys clavicle. I was in shock, not that I didn't believe the mother, but that again, it was my daughter.

When I came home from work the first thing I did was call the mother and gave her my deepest appologies and offer any help or assistance that I could. I shared my concerns for what we could do to prevent an incident like this ever happening again and she also shared in that hope for prevention. I also asked her what had happened as we were not told anything that day other then what she had messaged me that Maribel pushed him.

There are two probable incidences, either Maribel pushed him down and as she did this she fell on top of his collar bone, or she was giving him a hug and then lost balance and fell on top of him ending with the broken bone. Either scenarios ended with my over 40 lb babyzilla landing on top of her little guy and a broken bone.

We have spoken with Maribel and will continue to work with her in teaching her that hands are not for hitting or pushing but for eating and hugging, but also that not everyone wants a hug. Our little girl is so loving in nature and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. This is one of those things that is so unfortunate but a learning lesson for both parent and child.

Now to train her 'Canana' Papa to stop calling her "My Little Kung Fu Fighter" and we'll be okay.



Kirsten said...

Canana!! Maybe she could grow up and be a hockey player eh?

I am sure it was the hug / fall that did it. And I am sure that everything will be ok.

Julie said...

Oh dear! I so know how you feel when you find out that something happened and your child was involved.I truly do believe that whatever happened was an accident and not intentional.

Suzanne said...

One of many more lessons for you and dd. Mothering is the hardest thing you'll ever do. Sounds like you're very good at it!

Lisa and DJ said...

For some reason this story makes me sad and laugh all at the same time!