Friday, March 12, 2010

a chu-chi woo-chi ooo-chi coo-chi pair

I have seen these sprigs everywhere and love them but when it's midnight and your local scrapbooking store is closed and you can't wait for shipping, what do you do? Well make your own of course! 
It is super easy and if you craft and/or scrapbook, then chances are you have everything you need already. Sure I could have waited til the next day to complete my LO, but if you are anything like me, when you have the spark, there's no waiting til tomorrow. Here is a list of the basic items you would need to make your own.

*~Material List~*
-florists tape
-craft wire
-craft wire cutters or scissors can work Just don't use your mother's cloth scissors or nice scrapbook scissors as the wire will have it's way with them and render them useless for nice projects. yes, I'm speaking from experience...
-beads of various sizes *I used 6mm Crystazzi beads they were on sale
-flowers small or med in size Prima ones are perfect =)
-clear drying glue
-glue dots for adhering the sprig to your page
To start, cut your craft wire various lengths but make sure you cut them long enough to double over. Like if you want your spriglett to be 7 inches long then cut your wire at least 13 to 14 inches long, capiche? Then you slide a bead down to the middle of the wire then twist about 3 twists, then slide your flower through both pieces of wire to the bead. Add a dab of clear drying glue to secure and then you’re ready to wrap the spriglett.
To wrap your new stem, take your florists tape and use the heat from your fingers to make it sticky and wrap all the way down.

If you would like to add leaves before the wrapping, take one piece of wire and slide the leaf (I used my circle punch to make mine,) to where you want it on the stem and twist, but be careful that you don’t twist to tight or you will rip the leaf. Yes, experience is speaking here. Just note that you will need to cut your wire about 4-6 inches longer if you add a leaf onto the same spriglett. Again, experience is peaking through in this one…
Once you have your desired amount of little sprigletts, just use that handy florist tape and bind them all together and you’re done. Then use several glue dots to attach your new sprig to your project and Voila! Your very own one of a kind embellishment!

Ahh L'amour!
Happy Friday everyone!


Norah t said...

I saw this on SNC and thought it was gorgeous!! Now the directions are right in front of me!!! Thank you Thank you!!!

Marianna said...

*LOVE* this page! You are tooo clever :oP I couldn't even tell that wasn't a Prima sprig!! Beautiful work :)

(from scrappy b)

Hollee said...

You are waaay too talented for your own good you know! Your brain must be ready to explode all the time from all those artsy thoughts! :) Gladja havem though - you inpire me!! :)

Julie said...

These are awesome Jenn! You could sell these on Etsy too.