Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kiss me, i'm green

As I sit outside on my lunch break soaking in the beautiful sunshine sucking back a Shamrock Shake I thought I'd share some lovely's I'm sweetin' on today. It's a wonderful day to wear green don'cha think?

-Pairs in Pears game: Finally a game where I smoke Joe's toosh! Come on, he wins at every other game we play, I can at least have this one .
-If I Only Had A Green Nose-Max Lucado: I love his books. They always have a great message presented so sweetly and in adorable artwork.
-Rolled rosette made into a hair piece: I made a bunch of hair pieces for my darling sister in-law and then one little one for moi. It won't be long before M steals it from me for her red hair. But I don't mind ;0)
-Altered Couture magazine: seriously so much inspiration here, I don't even know where to start...
-Stamps in glass holder-Anthropologie: If I've been good I get to play in Anthropologie.
-Jeweled centered flower: A converted flower made into a hair clip for little M. She loves it when I make her stuff. As long as she wants it, I will keep making it.
-Green earrings: that inspire me to make more jewelry ;0)
-Shirt, picture frame and file folders-Liberty of London: EEP! I was squealing with delight when I saw that Liberty of London was hitting the shelves stateside! I really had to refrain myself from over indungance so I brought Joe shopping with me, he keeps me grounded.

It's a shame I have to head back in when it's so beautiful out. But the sooner I go in and finish my work the sooner I get to go home to my lovlies and play Wise Man and Foolish Man.
Note to self, find a nich so I can work from home, or outside at least... 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Lisa and DJ said...

How do you get to blog outside? Sounds like a fun lunch break! I've never heard of that Max Lucado book before. Cool!

Kimmartha said...

Love this inspirational pic! Green is such a refreshing colour - just perfect for a beautiful spring day!

Julie said...

Jen, Julie here from Scrappy. I just found your blog on Scrappys blog page.
First of all your Daughter is so adorable, what a sweet girl.
Secondly you are (as always suspected) super creative and I love your layouts.
Thirdly I cried at you story!!
I will now be a follower of your blog to get even more inspiration.
See you soon.xx

Julie said...

I love your great green finds! You find the coolest things.

Kirsten said...

You are awesome. Did you know that?