Saturday, March 27, 2010

paint me in your sunshine

It's reveal day at SnC for March's layout tag and if you remember I posted a teensie peak earlier this month. I got to be the lucky one to lift our darling Pam's page so here she be in it's entirety...I think Pam's page is better but I'm still happy with mine =)

Yes, the ever so yummy Dear Lizzy is back for the show ;0) Actually this is the first page I created using the DL line, I just couldn't show it til now ;0) Everytime I looked through Maribel's birthday party pics, this song kept coming in to my mind and I would hum it the rest of the day. I was inspired to actually paint the title as the song played in the background.
Looking back now, I should have flocked the bumble bee in brown instead of black to go with the page better. But if I've learned anything in this ever growing hobby is there's always next time and little things like that that would once be looked upon as a mistake really just makes that page more unique and more you.
I scrapbook because I love it.



Lisa and DJ said...

This LO was almost impossible to lift. It's brilliant!

Jen said...

great LO as usual!! Love it!!

PamelaM said...

Your layout is stunning. I am just happy I didn't have to go after you. Team 1 would still be waiting...hee hee!

Suzanne said...

So unique and creative that I wouldn't have been able to lift it either! You're amazing girl!