Tuesday, March 23, 2010

for pleasure and necessity

This weekend I cracked out my sewing machine and sewed pieces of cloth together! *gasp* I know!
This is the second time in 3 years since I sewed something other then paper and oh did it feel good. I swear at times I could hear my mother's spirit behind me saying, "Now THAT is what I bought your machine for!"

When I was about 12 my mother shared with me something that has been passed down to her from her mother which then came from her mother's mother etc. etc. etc.

If you marry a rich man, you can sew for pleasure
If you marry a poor man, you can sew for necessity

And like my mother, and her mother's mother etc. etc. etc. I have sewn for both.
And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.
I wonder if that explains why I can't walk by cute fabric with out having a slice for myself? yeah....that's it heehee
Living so far from my family I wanted to make M something special that she could have that would keep our family close when we are so far. In this book Stitched In Time by Alicia Paulson, I found this great little project that fit perfectly in what I was looking for.
Honestly it only took me an hour and $6.58 to make (the fabric paper was the bulk of the cost.) and I used scrap felt I had laying around. The author of the book also posted the instructions here but the whole book is adorable, trust me-I have my looooong list of projects I plan on creating.

"Diss is Papa, he in Canana. And 'dat's Aidan and Sherry, 'dey in Canana too. And 'dat's Milo, he's a boy. Want to pet him?"

I can't help but love watching her play her little game and telling me everyone's names. It also makes me a bit homesick though, but I think I'll manage. For now.....



Kirsten said...

1) beautiful material
2) awesome concept
3) amazing talent to put it together
4) beautiful daughter
5) the country has a D in it, we will need to work with her

Suzanne said...

What a great idea and you executed it beautifully! We've got to teach Kirsten to relax a little eh? Such an uptight Canananian. lol

Lisa and DJ said...

In my case, I married a man with a credit card so I wouldn't have to sew at all. :) Actually, I think sewing is a beautiful thing and wish I didn't hate it so much!

Julie said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Love the material!Every time I comment on your blog,I feel like I am a judge on American Idol and you are going to win.......lol

Just Jess said...

Jen you are just one cool chickie. Please move back to canana so you can live by me again and i can come over and watch you make stuff :)

PamelaM said...

This is so incredibly awesome. What a great way to teach at the same time. Where do you find the time to get all this stuff done? I am beginning to think you are superwoman or you don't sleep...