Monday, March 8, 2010

it's a sunny day

*shake* *shake* *shake*
"Wake up mommy.
It's a sunny day!"

Gotta love 3 year old internal clocks! This was my 6:45AM wake up call.
*blink* *blink*

I don't mind, too much. For rizzle. Because when it's a sunny day outside I'm sunny on the inside. Even with 4 hours sleep. I'm starting to realize the harsh reality that I am not 23 anymore. My stay up late, get up early days are numbered. Like, reeeeeeally numbered. Oh the things you do for creativity.

Here's a peek at the LO I finished for the monthly layout tag. I used all Dear Lizzy paper and embellishments with some Fancy Pants chipboard I've been hoarding. Ooo I so loved working with the Dear Lizzy paper. It's so lush and fun to work with even at 4 in the morning I still loved playing with it. ;0)

Sorry I can't show you the whole thing. I'm 2nd from the top this time so it will just have to do til later this month. Have a splendid day!



PamelaM said...

Don't you love the pitter patter of little feet running in to wake you up? J will say "wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey. lol!

I am not convinced you lifted my layout...hee hee! Can't wait for the reveal.

Kirsten said...

I want the line and I want to play LO tag and I am waiting for both and I suck at waiting and I want it now.