Monday, March 29, 2010

je suis malade

Not feeling so hot today. I guess when everyone in my house is sick, the odds are pretty good that I would catch it too. I have my movies all picked out and some chicky noodle soup with some crackers all ready to go.
Maybe I'll pick up some new phrases as I just noticed that most of the movies I picked are French related. Hon Hon
Of course The Replacements isn't French but it's good for a few laughs to pick me up from my sicky mood.
Bonne journée!



PamelaM said...

J'espère que demain ira mieux pour toi. And you pretended you didn't know what my layout said. lol! I hope you feel better soon. This has been the crappiest Feb and March for flus. Get lots of rest and big hugs to you.

Kirsten said...

Poor mon amie - take care, rest and enjoy the movies

Lisa and DJ said...

The only french I know is from the lady marmalade song by Christina Aguilera and I'm told those lyrics aren't so I won't repeat them here. :) Hope you feel better soon!

Kimmartha said...

Hope you enjoyed your soup and movies - and that you are feeling all better soon!!