Thursday, March 18, 2010

the rains came down...and the winner is

We ran through a few practice runs of my activity for the upcoming Primary gathering and had great fun building houses on the "rock" and the sand. Oh how the rains decended and the winds blew and great was the fun watching our foolish man's house go splat.

Maribel sang the children's song Wise Man and Foolish Man (for added drama) with the actions while I created the rain and wind. She thoroughly enjoyed watching the distruction of the worldly built home. *on the sand*

*psst* if you take a close look you'll see the winner's name for my little Dear Lizzy covered inspiration book is written in the sand since my lil' monkey wasn't exactly up to performing heehee...

DL Giveaway winner from Jennifer Carlberg on Vimeo.
Don't forget to turn off the music on the side bar ==>

YAY Julie from Canana!!! I have this all ready to go, just need you to email me your details to Funky4Pickles{at}gmail{dot}com :D
Now to get my little monkey to dance her way to bed....ha!
yeah right!



Suzanne said...

You and little monkey are the cutest pair evah! Seriously how did I miss the give away?! Good luck with your activity, it looks like a winner.

Kirsten said...

again with the creativity! congrats julie

Julie said...

LOL........I don't see the writing in the sand.

My Cubbies love that song,and are great with the actions,especially the splatting.

Jenn said...

Oops. I probably should have said that it's in the video LOL
Either way, congratulations =)

Kimmartha said...

Congratulations Julie!!

Jenn, I love your sand & rock idea - I have a feeling it will be making an appearance in my SS class!!