Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EEP! Almost time!

We had a great long weekend. I hope y'all did too! Saturday was a very busy day of errands and preperation for our road trip.

On sunday Our poor boo wasn't feeling to well and was really tired. I mean reallytired. She just wanted to stay in her bed and sleep. She even fell asleep in the tub which freaked both of us right out. Our water baby would rather sleep then play in her bathtub. So weird. So we plucked her right out and put comfy cloths on her and I asked her if she wanted me to rock her in her rocking chair and she replied with a soft, "No, I wan' my bed peeze." Who is this little girl?!? That's two faves she has turned down. She must not have been feeling well at all. So Joe stayed home with Maribel while I went to church to teach Sunday School. It was a quiet day for us so we just soaked it in and relaxed as a family.

Yesterday we took it easy as Maribel was still not her 100% self. She gained a bit of her appetite back but was still sleepy. We went to spend our Memorial Day with Joe's family for a cookout. Grandma and Maribel played at home while the rest of us went to see the new Star Trek. All I could say afterwards was AWE-SOME!!!! It is definitly one I will buy when it comes out on DVD! Oh and Spock was quite the looker in the movie.


We leave for Philadelphia for Joe's cousin David's wedding this week! How's that for a funky sentence? I'm very excited! We are driving up so we have packed Maribel plenty of books and toys to play with in the car along the way. Joe also loaded his PSP with some of her favourite movies to watch so she won't be totally bored. On our way back down we will be stopping in Washinton DC so I can soak in all the US of A history and sites! I am excited to slap Abe on the knee and to see the Pencil! We'll see just how I can reach Abe. I'm thinking I'll be more of an ankle biter then a knee slapper though. LOL

Well before I leave you for a week, I thought I'd leave you with a few recent layouts I did. Enjoy and stay out of trouble while I'm gone!

This is one I did for May's LO tag over at Skrapnchat. It was wicked hot out so I decided to join Maribel in her oh so refreshing pool! he he!

I so love these pics of Maribel at the Dolphin Cove. She looks so small compared to these beautiful creatures!

This was my final sketch as a Guest Design Team member at SnC. I had no idea that this page was going to end up looking like this, but I'm sure happy with it. I'm also lovin my new distressing tool. I have to hold back from distressing everything now. he he he

And finally one that when I look at I get a little juicy eyed. This is my mother. I miss her so much but I know that I will see her again. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who placed me with such an awesome family.

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