Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On Friday my awesome SIL and I went to see The Veronica's out at St Pete.
The drive down was long and with very full bladders we made it in 2 hours with three wonderful clumps of Friday rush hour traffic. But we were able to make it on time plus with Princess Parking to boot!

Of course we had to take the classic together posed picture while we waited in line. Notice the shirt Anna is wearing? Yeah, there was this chick ahead of us that had the same shirt on.
Naturally Anna wore it better ;0) Luv ya hun!

She also wore these sassy heals thinking that we would be sitting but when we got inside it was standing only so needless to say she made the mad dash to the car for comfort over fashion. Good choice Anna!
Oh and I got asked if I was 21! *sigh* I just thanked the bouncer for making my evening! Oh to be 21 again!

When the Veronica's came on stage there was the mad rush that squished us all together like crumpled sardines. I grabbed Anna's arm so I wouldn't lose her. Here are some pics from the concert! After awhile they all started looking the same. I mean what would you expect, they sing so it's not like you could tell what song was what.

I love that they wore $5 tee shirts! True rock stars!

And of course the concert rocked!!! And very hot!

Just look at that shine! No, wait. Don't look at that shine! *blush*

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