Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!!!!

24 Years ago today the world received a beautiful girl that will forever change the lives of all who meet her, and I am so blessed to call her my sister! Well by marriage anyway, and I may have chosen her brother but she was my bonus! <3

Happy Birthday Anna!

For her birthday I made her this cupcake that was soooooo fun to make! Her two favorite colours are pink and green (which are mine too so that made it even more enjoyable to make) so I thought how appropriate! It even has a secret spot for a lil' som' som';0)

Here is a close up on the tasty treat!

And this is the best part! I hooked her up with a Starbucks gift card to sweeten her day!

I met her with her coworkers at this awesome Italian resturant called Il Pescatore'which was so fun! Anna didn't know that her family was going there too, so it was a sweet surprise! I have overheard her saying more then once that this was the best birthday she has had in a long time!

YAY! Memories!!!

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