Friday, May 29, 2009

Ahhh Philly Cheese Steak, in Philadelphia! Can't beat that!

Day 2

We started the day at the crack of 9am and had our continental breaky and off we went to continue our trek up north! We left Virginia and entered Maryland to stop at the Maryland House Travel Center.

This place was hoppin' busy.

Maribel traveled awesome again, but boy she was happy to stretch her little legs. They had a Dino that played the Flintstones theme song when you dropped in a quarter.

There were some punk kids that scared her a little but she had fun riding Dino.

So I was excited to see that we entered Delaware. Then 20 minutes later we were back in Maryland. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I looked back at my little boo to see this...

She can be so silly, but she's all mine! ;0)

So after our wonderful drive up we finally arrived in Philadelphia! YAY We made it!!!

We arrived at our hotel around 2pm ish and Joe's dad went inside to check us all in. So we let Maribel expel some cooped up energy and run around in the field in front of the hotel. Oh boy was she one happy little girl!

The rehearsal dinner wasn't until later in the evening and we all were starving so off we went to find some authentic Philly Cheese Steak! There was this place was just down the street from our hotel, so we all piled back into our cars and went for some lunch.

When we got there we all were starving at this point but the waitress advised us to spit a large Philly. I was really hungry so I reluctantly took her advise thinking I might have to pick something up later to snack on.

Um excuse me, but I ordered a large! LOL

After a little Philly comatose nap, we started getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. It was being hosted at this restaurant called Maggiano's.

I brought my Rebel camera but when I changed my battery, I left the thing on and forgot that I hadn't charged that battery so I had a dead camera. Boo! I was not a happy camper. I was relieved to find my point and shoot in my clutch so all was not lost.

I love how even my fair red headed princess is darker then me. So NOT fair! Humph!

The evening ended with some full bellies and one tuckered out little girl! She crashed in her bed right away with no complaints. Only to have yet another super busy day. We get to see a princess tomorrow! At least that's what Maribel thinks. ;0)

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mommaknowsbest said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you went back and got the large sandwich you!