Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maribel's First Trip to Sea World

Awhile back when my cousin Nichole came down to visit, I bought the Fun Card for Sea World which allows me to come back all year for the price of one ticket. Yeah baby! I really wanted to take Maribel this weekend seeing that it would be so nice out and of course Joe wanted to come too so we bought him a Fun Card too so we can come back any time the rest of the year.

It was wicked hot, actually we broke the record for the seasonal temps. It reached 99f which is pretty brutal if you ask me!

We got there and it wasn't too busy. Our first stop was to see the baby dolphins and preggy mommy dolphins in the Dolphin Nursery.

How cute is this little guy? He kept showing up and showing off his moves LOL

On our way to the Shark cavern I couldn't help but take a pic of the sweetest site ever!

In the shark zone, cavern what ever it's called Maribel held on pretty tight to us. I wonder why? Maybe it had something to do with Joe helping her "check out" the shark.

Naturally Maribel had to see the "horsies" so we went to visit the Budwisers Clydesdales.

We went looking for Shamu but he was no where insite. Go figure!

After the realization that we aren't going to see Shamu we headed over to the "Pets Ahoy" show. All the pets are rescued pets trained to put on this awesome show. Maribel really liked it! Afterwards we took Maribel to pet the pooches from the show.

Then we went to visit the Sting Rays and lucky us it was feeding time! Joe picked up some tasty fish treats for the sting rays.

They were so excited to see food that they gave Joe and Maribel a little um... welcome.

And our final stop for the day was Dolphin Cove. Maribel really loved the underground viewing, and so did Mommy and Daddy too. It was air conditioned. Ahhhh!

This is my most favorite photo of the entire day. We had the whole cove to ourselves so I took full advantage of it!

Maribel was mesmerized by all the different animals she saw. She actually fell asleep in her stroller on the way back to the car. That almost never happens.

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