Wednesday, May 20, 2009

With Pleasure Comes Pain

Well, my awesome day at the beach did not go unpunished. I have 2nd degree burns on my back and today has been the worst day to endure it all. Why didn't I listen? Why?

And now for the sweet ;0)
Yesterday I arrived home early from the pain of my burn to a sweet little package from my dear friends in New Brunswick! It was filled with some yummy scrapping goodies that I can't wait to create with!

And then today I came home from work to a sweet box on my door step. It was my preorder of Tori Amos new CD along with the long waited release (in my opinion) of Sarah Brightman's "Live in Vienna" tour. I watched that on PBS so many times that I lost count. Now I can enjoy it anytime without the interruptions of people asking for donations.

So instead of wallowing in my self pity which was my original plan, I popped in Tori's bonus DVD and soaked it all in!

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