Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Journey Begins

Day 1

We left for Philadelphia in the squeaky hours and I took a much needed nap along the way and woke in South Carolina. That doesn't happen everyday. Well, at least for me. LOL

Joe rode with Anna and Maribel and this is what happens when you leave him in charge of touching up a girl's hair. And judging by the look on Maribel's face, she might have an opinion or two.

After our first stop, we all thought best to have Joe ride with his parents and us girls named our car "The Estogen Car". Maribel is quite the traveller. She only complained when the pressure was too much and with a quick drink her ears popped and she was back to her happy self.

I found it quite pleasing while it was my turn to drive, I looked back to see both Anna and Maribel enjoying Pocahantas while we were driving through Virginia.

We stopped just outside of DC for a night cap then off to Philly! YAY!!!

To be continued....


Suzanne said...

Okay how come your dd looks so much like Anna!?

mommaknowsbest said...

Oh my gosh Jenn! That first picture is a hoot. You sooo need to scrap it.

Jenn said...

It's just proof that Maribel was meant to be in our family. :0)