Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hors d'oeuvres Anyone?

Day 3
The Reception

Right after the wedding we all headed to the Presidential Caterersfor the reception. We were immediately greeted with the friendly staff and were offered the most tasty hors d'oeuvres I think I have ever had. They pulled out all the stops for this place, I'm telling ya!

The cake was in the middle of the room so beautiful, and tasty too.

Maribel found our table for us as it was the only one with a high chair. LOL
Our table was set like it was seating royalty and seriously I didn't know what fork was for what so I just followed what Maribel used and used the same ones.

Here is Aunt Joan and Uncle Jim getting ready to enter the hall.

It was fun how the wedding party entered the room. Normaly they just waltz on in and have their seat, but here they all had fun upbead music and practically danced their way in to the hall.
The Bride and Groom came in and danced their first dance to a nice waltz and they looked like a king and queen twirling on the floor. They were so beautiful and happy. :0)

The food was absolutly deliscious and the music was all so awesome! David and Jolene selcted the music for the evening and they did such a great job with the variety of artists and styles. Maribel was getting a little restless with all the fun comotion so I took her out into the hallway to run around and sniff the flowers. This place is so beautiful and grand.

I love how Maribel lifted her dress to walk down the stairs. Such a princess.

We all retired to the hotel after awhile and I had this awesome idea to go swimmming in the hotel's pool. After all, it was nice out today. Um, well I fogot that I was in the "North" now and just because it was sunny out doesn't necesarily mean that the pool will be nice too. Infact, the pool was down right cold! But did that stop us???? Never! Poor Maribel was so determined to swim. She had ber "babing suit" on and her towel around her shoulders all ready to go down to the pool. Lucky Mommy was the first one to take her in the water.

By the time her teeth were chattering and her lips turned blue, I thought it best that she go back up to our room and warm up a little bit. Maribel didn't put up any fuss. We watched Mulan and had a nice little picnic in Uncle Phill's bed. Hee Hee.

Tomorrow is check out day from here and off the downtown Philly for some more Philly Cheese Steak and to see the Liberty Bell! I cant' wait to walk on the same ground where history was made! Eeek! I'm sooo excited.

I heard that "nerd" cough Vic!!! I'll push up my glasses just for you!

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